Water level update: 2023

An acre foot of water is enough water to submerge 1 acre of flat land one foot deep in water. The illustration above compares an acre foot of water to a football field. Artwork courtesy Catalina Islander staff

The local water reservoir level has ticked up ever-so-slightly, according to the latest water level update from Southern California Edison. “As of January 4, 2023 the current water elevation at Middle Ranch Reservoir is 649.48 feet above sea level.

This equates to a storage capacity of 441.73 acre-feet,” according to an Edison email sent Jan. 4.

The Dec. 21, 2022, update put the water storage capacity at 427.96 acre-feet.

Meanwhile, Love Catalina Island reported on Jan. 5, 2023, a small craft advisory in effect through late Friday, Jan. 6.