Tree ‘gives up,’ takes sign, awning with it

Photo by Jordan Lake The fallen tree took the sign above the office door with it on its way down.

A tree on the sidewalk in front of the Catalina Realtors office on Sumner Avenue creaked and then fell onto the sidewalk on Tuesday afternoon.

There were no heavy winds at the time and nothing that put strain on the tree at the time it fell. Broker Jordan Lake was in his office at the time and said that he heard the tree creaking and then it just fell over, saying it seemed like the tree just “gave up.”

With all the recent rains, and heavy winds during recent storms, the saturated ground and weight of the tree may have attributed to the tree’s delayed, yet quick demise.

“I think it just gave,” Lake said.

Fortunately, the damage was limited. The tree missed the window and building itself, but did take down the sign on the building, as well as the awning over the window. Lake noted that within about 30 minutes, Avalon Public Works crew members were at the site and had the tree cut up and removed within about an hour of its falling.

“That was pretty impressive,” Lake said.