Sheriff’s Log: May 4 to May 10, 2023

Avalon Sheriff's Station.

The following is the Avalon’s Sheriff’s Stations significant incidents report for the period of May 4 to May 10, 2023.

All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Many people who are arrested do not get prosecuted in the first place and many who are prosecuted do not get convicted.

May 4

  • Deputies responded to a disturbance call on the 100 block of Sumner Avenue. The caller stated approximately 9 locals were arguing. Due to it being 1 in the morning and the disturbing parties being so loud, the deputies asked them to go home and help keep the streets of Avalon quiet. Everyone was cooperative and headed on their way.
  • Deputies responded to a suspicious person call on the 100 block of Sumner Avenue. The caller stated a man was seen on the roof of a hotel acting suspiciously. The deputies located the man walking down the street and observed the symptoms of being drunk. They detained him and conducted an investigation. Randall Arnold, 23, of Fallbrook, was arrested on suspicion of being drunk in public and booked at Avalon Station.

May 5

  • Deputies on patrol saw a tourist having difficulty walking on Crescent Avenue. The deputies contacted the woman and asked if she was OK and if she needed any help.

The woman told the deputies she did not want their help. The woman appeared to have enjoyed a few too many libations while enjoying the town.

The woman’s friend told the deputies she was watching after her and would take care of her.

May 6

  • Deputies responded to Chimes Tower Road regarding a disturbance call. The caller stated she was having issues with her boyfriend.

The deputies contacted the unhappy couple and determined they were arguing over lap dances and flirting while inside a local bar.

There was no evidence of any crime and the couple agreed to stop arguing.

  • A sergeant on patrol conducted a traffic stop on Sumner Avenue. The driver of the vehicle for cited for being an unlicensed driver.

May 7

  • Deputies responded to a 911 telephone call hang up on the 600 block of Beacon Street. Upon arrival, the deputies determined the caller was requesting paramedics. The fire department arrived and assisted the caller.