Sheriff’s Log: April 21 to April 27, 2022

Avalon Sheriff's Station.

Editor’s note: The fol­low­­­ing is the Avalon Sheriff’s Sta­tion significant incidents report for the period of April 21 to April 27, 2022.

All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Many people who are arrested do not get prosecuted in the first place and many who are prosecuted do not get convicted.

April 21

• Deputies responded to Crescent Avenue and Clarissa Avenue regarding a possible domestic assault in progress. The caller stated a male and female were possibly hitting each other on the street. The deputies contacted both parties and conducted an investigation. Their investigation led to the arrest of Martin Sanchez, 39, of Santa Maria, on suspicion of domestic violence. He was booked at Avalon Sheriff’s Station.

• Deputies responded to a business disturbance on the 100 block of Whittley Avenue. The caller stated 2 males and a female were drunk and creating a disturbance at the hotel. The deputies contacted the 3 individuals and stood by as the hotel manager advised them to leave the property. They left without incident.

April 22

• Deputies responded to an illegal parking call on the 100 block of Olive Street. The caller stated a blue mini truck was parked in the fire lane. The deputies responded and issued a citation to the vehicle for being parked in a designated fire lane.

• Deputies and the fire departments responded to a medical call on Crescent Avenue and Sumner Avenue. The caller stated a female had fallen near the fountain and sustained a head injury. The woman was contacted by deputies and paramedics and stated she was not injured and refused to be treated or evaluated.

• Deputies responded to a disturbance call near the golf course. The caller stated he could hear a loud chainsaw in the area. The deputies contacted a male adult using a chainsaw. The man stated he was an employee of the golf course and was cutting a fallen tree so the golf course would be in pristine condition for the big tournament.

April 23

• A sergeant on patrol contacted numerous juveniles who appeared to be drinking at The Cross. The parents were contacted and responded to the location to transport the juveniles home.

• Deputies responded to a petty theft call on Metropole Drive. The caller advised 2 juveniles had stolen shirts from his business. The deputies contacted the thieves and their parents. The kleptos returned the items to the store and apologized for their behavior.

• A deputy on patrol noticed two vehicles parked in the fire lane on St. Catherine Way. The deputy issued 2 parking citations for the violations.

• A deputy on patrol noticed a golf cart driving on the boardwalk. The deputy stopped the driver and advised him of the safety hazard he was creating. The deputy issued the driver a citation for the moving violation.

April 24

• Deputies conducting foot patrol on Crescent Avenue saw 2 females and a male drinking alcohol. The deputy detained them and cited them for drinking in public.

• Deputies responded to a suspicious person tampering with vehicles on the 400 block of Avalon Canyon Road. The deputy arrived and saw the suspect messing with the engine compartment of an industrial vehicle. The deputy detained the suspect and ultimately arrested Marcos Rodriguez 29, of Avalon, on suspicion of tampering with an auto and resisting arrest. He was transported after booking to Carson Sheriff’s Station.

• A deputy and a sergeant responded to a possible domestic assault on the 300 block of Whittley Ave. The caller stated she was hit by her boyfriend. Upon arrival the deputy and sergeant were met in the street by the alleged victim. The woman told the deputy she did not need him there and her boyfriend had only thrown a drink on her and did not hit her. The woman insisted the deputy and sergeant leave because they were creating a scene on her street, and she did not want to get evicted. There was no evidence of a crime at the location and no sign of injury other than wet pants.

April 25

• Deputies and the Harbor Patrol received a call of a female being held captive by 2 males on boat. The deputies and Harbor Patrol had the boat dock at the Green Pleasure Pier and conducted an investigation. It was determined the woman wanted to come ashore and take the 4:30 p.m. boat. The 2 men wanted to continue fishing and didn’t want to come in. There was no evidence of a crime and the woman said it was an argument only.

April 26

• Deputies responded to a rollover golf cart crash on Wrigley Road. The driver suffered minor injuries to her ankle and was treated by the fire department.

April 27

• Deputies responded to a barking dog call at Sol Vista. The sleepy caller stated the neighbor’s dog has been barking for over 3 hours. The deputies contacted the dog’s owner who stated she would keep her dog quiet.