Letters to the Editor: published Sept. 4, 2020

Loss of Big Olaf a sad chapter

Let me get this straight: an ice cream shop is going to open at 220 Crescent Avenue. If I remember correctly, there was once a very successful ice cream shop there. It was called Big Olaf, and it was a thriving business with lines out the door on a nightly basis. Then it disappeared, and was replaced by The Avalon General Store, a business that the public, I must assume had been clamoring for? And despite it being closed almost every time I was in Avalon, or if it was open, it was usually empty, I’m sure the Catalina Island Company, the landlord, must be very pleased with the way it eliminated those pesky lines that would creep out of Big Olaf’s doors, and replaced them with a beautiful still life. And now, they are replacing The Avalon General Store (RIP) with what? An ice cream shop???? Huh! Well, I wish the Carson family good luck, but I will never understand why a popular, thriving small business such as Big Olaf was forced out to begin with. Going out after dinner for an Olaf, or a Big Olaf, or a Giant Olaf was a ritual for so many families for so many years, and its loss is still a sad chapter of Avalon history for many of us.

Donna Le Blanc

Huntington Beach

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