Letter to the Editor: published Friday, Jan. 7, 2022

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Surprised by Reynolds resignation from Medical Center board

I was very surprised when I read that Carol Reynolds had resigned from the Catalina Island Medical Center Board of Trustees. About 12 years ago Carol and I sat at Cathy Sweeney’s dining room table. We were asked to join a committee to raise funds for the hospital on the island. I worked side by side with Carol for many years on the hospital Foundation’s fundraiser “An Evening with Oscar.”

Carol made the decision to join the Foundation Board of Directors. I know it wasn’t a decision that she took lightly. She was committed to fundraising for the hospital.

I watched her work tirelessly so that the fundraiser would be the best it could be. Carol was totally committed and continued on to become the President of the Foundation Board and then on to become the President of the Board of Directors for the hospital.

Carol is a visionary. She can run circles around the younger generation and has. Her dedication and leadership over the years never went unnoticed. I was proud to be able to work side by side with her.

I am writing this letter to support Carol and hope that she will reconsider her resignation. I know Carol, and I know she always takes the High Road.

I am asking the board to do the right thing and take the high road and try to convince her to reconsider her resignation.

Olivia Gazis

Avalon and Palm Desert

Letter to the Editor: published Friday, Jan. 7, 2022