LBUSD to return to in-person meetings

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Public comments to Board of Education must be made in-person

The Long Beach Unified School District website announced this week that the Board of Education is expected to return to in-person meetings on on Monday, July 19.

Avalon is part of LBUSD. “Public comments during the meeting will occur exclusively in person,” the website said. The board meets at 1515 Hughes Way, Long Beach.

“Voicemail comment has been discontinued while in person comment is made available,” the website said.

“For those who are unable to attend in person and wish to address the board, each board member’s email address is posted online here,” the website said.

“Those emails will be read privately by board members. The board meeting will be broadcast live to the public via,” the website said. Most government agencies allowed the public to comment by phone or email during the pandemic. As government agencies throught California reopen their doors for in-person activities, some agencies will keep the remote communications system and others will return to in-person public comments.

Assembly Bill 339, if approved, would require city councils and county boards of supervisors serving communities of 250,000 residents or more to provide the public to comment in person or by phone.

LBUSD to return to in-person meetings