Avalon Harbor Report for June 2021

File photo by Andrew Newman-Anderson Avalon Harbor during late 2018.

Month marked by many vessels

Courtesy of Avalon Harbor Department

June was a pleasantly busy month. Avalon had the most Vessels Moored in the harbor in June since 2008.

Avalon Harbor saw the typical June gloom and experienced some very annoying winds.

The winds were challenging for a few of weeks and required the Harbor Patrol Officers to assist every boat on and off the moorings. Avalon Harbor Department loves a good challenge!

Los Angeles County lifted many COVID restrictions and softened the mask requirements.

This has brought in a surge of visitors.

The annual go-fast Fun Run returned on June 19 with 35 boats participating. And on June 24 we saw the Long Beach to Avalon ski race. It’s nice to see some of the annual events returning.

June 2021 stats are as follows:

• People aboard boats—7,240

• Vessels Moored—1,810

• Vessels Anchored—79

• Moorings Sold / Transferred 2 / 2

• Citations Issued / Discharges—0 / 0

• Total Cruise Ship Passengers / Visits: 0 / 0

• Average Temp, High—67

• Average Temp, Low—58

• Average Sea Temp—67

• Rain (inches)—0

• Rain Days—0

• Weather Warnings—2

Some additional statistics:

Harbor Patrol responded to 11 medical calls, 146 public assists and performed 148 security patrols.