Teditorial: Supporting animal shelter, UFOs around Catalina

Courtesy Photo Catalina Humane Society volunteers are pictured at a previous yard sale fundraiser.

The Catalina Humane Society held a yard sale fundraiser on Saturday to raise money for the care of the animals at the shelter. According to some of the organizers, the event was considered a success.

Admittedly, the sale did not have any “big ticket” items, but they had secured a lot of donated items from islanders and the money they were able to raise came in dollar by dollar. The number of shoppers made the day. Reportedly, there were locals and island visitors who stopped by and many found items they could purchase in order to help the shelter bring in some much-needed funds.

“We want to thank everyone for their generosity now and throughout the year,” Lori Snell, a volunteer said.

The Catalina Humane Society is a volunteer-driven facility, staffed by people who are just trying to help the island animals. To find out more, or to make a donation, visit catalinahumane.org.

Have aliens been living among us for generations?

In recent weeks I’ve profiled a couple of authors who’ve published books and I seem to be hearing about more and more of them. Good to know many people put their down time during the pandemic to good use.

This week, one of our sister publications printed a story I wrote about a Long Beach woman, Dr. Sherry Meinberg, who wrote a book about UFOs and aliens. She is a lifelong educator who’s published more than 20 other books on teaching, autism, even Alzheimer’s disease, but UFOs was an interest of hers since childhood.

In her book, she contends that there is enough documentation and reports to confirm that not only have aliens visited earth, but that they have been living among us for generations. Catalina Island is no stranger to reports of UFOs, Jim Watson has written several stories about some of them for this paper.

There is a video online, with the History Channel that shows what looks like a metal orb flying across the sky over Catalina in 1966. Recently, the US government has released (due to Freedom of Information Act requests) reports, video, and audio of more than 140 incidents, reported by government officials of UFOs. They are referring to them as unidentified aerial phenomena (UAFs).

There is video of Navy pilots tracking a flying object as it speeds across the ocean surface. In the audio you can hear them saying, “what the *** is that?” No officials are saying anything about visitors from other galaxies, but they are saying there are things out there that can’t currently be explained.

And there is support for further study. Chris Impey, a Professor of Astronomy at the University of Arizona, recently wrote an article for theconversation.com in which he advocates for more study. He noted that historically, the study of “UFO” data has felt off limits for mainstream scientists, but that that trend seems to be waning.

“I don’t see any convincing evidence of alien spacecraft, but as a curious scientist, I hope the subset of UFO sightings that are truly unexplained gets closer study,” Impey wrote.

Catalina could become an epicenter for some of those studies. Keep your eyes open islanders, there might be something out there.

Ted Apodaca is the editor of the Catalina Islander. He can be reached at editor@thecatalinaislander.com, or at 562-317-1100.