Kid’s Fishing Derby results for July 20

Courtesy photo Picitured above are, in the back row: Trevor Fansler, Lucious Lichtenhan, and Austin Tuddle. In the middle row: David Ramirez, Jackie Fansler, and Aaron Rickard. In the front row: Remedy Valdez, Easton Bravo.

A total of 40 kids from Avalon, Bakersfield, Mammoth, Texas, and Singapore participated in the Wednesday, July 20, Kids Fishing Derby. 114 fish were caught.

• 10 and under most fish caught: 1st—Austin Tuddle, Costa Mesa, 14. 2nd—Lucius Lichtenhan, Avalon, 7. 3rd—Jackie Fansler, Avalon, 5

• 11-16 Most Fish Caught: 1st-Aaron Rickard, Los Angeles, 16. 2nd— David Ramirez, Avalon, 14. 3rd – Remedy Valadez, Yucaipa, 11

• 10 and under Biggest Fish: 1st—Easton Bravo 15.5 inches. 2nd—Walker Valdez, Yucaipa 14 inches. 3rd­—Lucius Lichtenhan, Avalon, 14 inches.

• 11-16 Biggest Fish: 1st—Trevor Fansler, Avalon, 14 inches. 2nd—Aaron Rickard, Los Angeles, 13 inches. 3rd—David Ramirez, Avalon, 12 inches.

Most Unique fish: Sheephead caught by Easton Bravo.