Harbor Activity Report for May 2020

Pictured above, Avalon Harbor during late 2018. Photo by Andrew Newman-Anderson

Courtesy Avalon Harbor Department

The city’s end float, the swim line, the Clubs dinghy docks, the Barbara Pierson dinghy dock and the shoreboat business’ end float were all installed prior to Memorial Day weekend.

The Avalon City Council approved re-opening the Harbor on May 22nd, just in time for Memorial Day weekend.  While we were not sold out of moorings, even in Avalon Harbor, it was wonderful seeing many of our boating friends and some new faces.  We had 237 boats arrive over the weekend (May 22 through (May 25), compared to 345 over Memorial weekend in 2019.  Not so bad considering the continued outfall of COVID-19.

The number of boats arriving for the balance of the month (5/26 through 5/31) was 148, while the number of boats from 5/1 through 5/21 was only 41.  That’s an increase from an average of 2 boats per day to an average of 30 boats a day…what an improvement!

The City Council also extended the Winter Rate of pay for 2 and get 5 free through May 21st. The Shoulder Rates were reinstated on May 22nd and will continue through June 15th.  As usual, the nightly rates will be in effect from June 16th through September 14th.

We saw 8 days of Small Craft Advisories, but no Gale Warnings.

People aboard boats—1,704

Vessels Moored—426

Vessels Anchored—67

Moorings Sold / Transferred—0

Citations Issued / Discharges—0 / 0

Total Cruise Ship Passengers / Visits—0 / 0

Average Temp, High—67

Average Temp, Low—57

Average Sea Temp—66

Rain (inches)—0.05

Rain Days—2

Weather Warnings—8

Please remember, June 15th is the last day for the shoulder rates.  Daily rates begin June 16th, until September 15th when the shoulder rates will once again be in effect.

Harbor Activity Report for May 2020