Harbor Activity Report for December 2017

Avalon Bay. File photo

Avalon saw 11 days of wind advisories in December: nine days of small craft advisories and two days of gale advisories.  Of the 11 total days, six of them were Dec. 4 through 9.  One sail boat broke anchor and ran aground at Pebbly Beach and another broke its mooring and ran aground at Hamilton Cove.  The first boat was not salvageable, but the second was pulled off the beach with little damage.

Unfortunately, Avalon had no rain.  Comparing the full year 2016 to full year 2017, 2016 had just under 8 inches of rain and 2017 had 11-1/4 inches of rain.  Both years, the highest winds were experienced in January; 51 kts in 2016 and 60 kts in 2017.  The average high and low temperatures were almost identical: 68 degrees for the average high and 57 degrees for the average low.

On Dec. 30, the Avalon Harbor Department, city staff, the City Council and many other citizens dedicated a beautiful plaque to the memory of fallen Harbor Patrolman/City Fire Volunteer, Timothy Mitchell.

Avalon Harbor wishes everyone a joyous and prosperous 2018.

December 2017 stats are as follows:

Average Temp, High—66.5

Average Temp, Low—53

Average Sea Temp—60

Rain Days—0

Rain (inches)—0

Weather Warnings—11

People aboard boats—2,216

Vessels Moored—554

Vessels Anchored—75

Moorings Sold/Transferred—0

Citations Issued/Discharges—2/1

Total Cruise Ship


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