Harbor Activity Report December 2021

File photo by Andrew Newman-Anderson Avalon Harbor during late 2018.

Let’s take a look back over the Avalon Harbor stats for the past three years:

Year Total Boats Arrived Nights Stayed

2019 14,246 53,740

2020 13,341 53,166

2021 14,857 57,072

While the boat stats for December 2021 fell below December 2019 and 2020, the full year stats are rather optimistic! New Year’s weekend was slow in the Harbor, but we are thankful to all the boaters who heeded the weather warnings and made other arrangements. We missed you, but hope you had a very safe and Happy New Year!

Avalon saw a total of 4.93 inches of rain this December, over 4 inches more that December 2020, and the 2021 total rainfall was 7.58 inches. December 2021 also had 13 days with Small Craft Advisories and 5 days of Gale Warnings. December’s Average High Temp of 59° is the lowest since 1994.

On December 23rd public areas around Avalon Harbor were hit with a large amount of graffiti. The Harbor Department and the Sheriff’s Department worked collaboratively to identify, locate and detain a suspect.

December 2021 stats are as follows:

People aboard boats 836

Vessels Moored 209

Vessels Anchored 80

Moorings Sold / Transferred 1 / 0

Citations Issued / Discharges 0 / 0

Cruise Ship Passengers/Visits: 15,794/9

Average Temp – High 59

Average Temp – Low 49

Average Sea Temp 58

Rain (inches) 4.93

Rain Days 12

Weather Warnings 18

Additional Harbor Patrol Stats:

Emergency Medical/Other 6

Enforcement encounters 17

Public Assists (tow, wrap-up) 62

Security (boat & foot patrol) 259

USCG Assists (info requests) 1

The Avalon Harbor Patrol wishes everyone a happy, safe and prosperous New Year!

Harbor Activity Report December 2021