Chet’s Hardware honored for saving water

An acre foot of water is enough water to submerge 1 acre of flat land one foot deep in water. The illustration above compares an acre foot of water to a football field. Artwork courtesy Catalina Islander staff

Reservoir water level continues to decrease

Chet’s Hardware was the first to receive a certificate of recognition for saving water. The award was announced at the Tuesday, Nov. 15, City Council meeting.

In related news, the mayor pointed out that recent rains aren’t enough to affect the reservoir.

And speaking of reservoirs, in a Tuesday, Nov. 15 email, Edison reported that “As of November 14, 2022 the current water elevation at Middle Ranch Reservoir is 649.73 feet above sea level. This equates to a storage capacity of 449.50 acre-feet.”

An Oct. 28 Edison email put the reservoir’s water capacity at 458.94 acre-feet.

On Nov. 15, at the council meeting, an Edison representative said that in three months Avalon had saved 1 acre foot of water under Stage One water restrictions.

An acre-foot of water is enough water to submerge 1 acre of flat land 1-foot deep in water.

Edison water update

Schaner provided the council with another water update this week. Schaner said October water demand had settled after the September surge.

Schaner said that October water usage was reduced by 14% compared to September.

As for planned upgrades to the Avalon desalination plant, Schaner said the State Lands Commission on Oct. 1 declared Edison’s application complete. The next step for the project will be a State Lands Commission hearing scheduled for February 2023 and a California Coastal Commission hearing scheduled for March 2023.

Chet’s Hardware

saves water

According to Luke Schaner of Southern California Edison, the hardware store has since August installed a tank that stores rain water, condensation from the air conditioning, and ice machine. He said the water goes into the nursery, saving an estimated 600 gallons of water per month. He said surplus water was used for washing cars and pavement.

Jim Luttjohann, president and CEO of Love Catalina Island, presented Chet’s Hardware with the certificate of recognition for the achievement.

Reflections on rain

At the start of the meeting, Mayor Anni Marshall said she was thankful for the rain the Island had recently received.

Marshall, relaying what someone at Edison had told her, said that one storm would not affect the reservoir, nor would a second storm.

Marshall said the community would need to hope Avalon gets a little more rain.