Bierman Brothers make it to the big stage on Catalina

After a decade of busking, the twins to play Wrigley Stage

Bierman Brothers will return to Catalina Island on Aug. 19.

After a decade of visiting and busking on Catalina Island, the Bierman Brothers return to Catalina Island Aug. 19, this time on the big Wrigley Stage, and they are excited. 

The identical twins, now 18, remember their jaunts on Catalina beginning at age 8.

“Chad and I started going to Catalina around eight years old,” said Sean Bierman. Since then, the Bierman Brothers have visited about four times a year with their family.

The Long Beach natives say their family “loves Catalina” and accordingly, they have visited the island regularly while growing up. 

The Bierman Brothers began learning to play guitars in grade school and as they learned, they began to play music on the island as boys. They remember playing in small groups and to anyone willing to listen.

Over the years, as their musical abilities grew, so did their audiences on Catalina Island. What began as busking by the beach and on street corners, quickly transformed into impromptu gigs at places like Pete’s Café or entertaining from the back of their parents’ boat (“The 6-pack O’Bier”).

Earlier this summer, the Bierman boys caused a commotion when they gave a one-hour concert from the back of their parents’ new boat parked in Avalon Bay. 

“We had big crowds surrounding us on paddleboards, kayaks and dinghies for a one-hour show at the ringing of the 5 O’clock bell,” said Sean.  

“I can’t wait to play a bigger stage,” he said then. 

According to Chad Bierman, “Catalina had my spirits lifted. The rays of sun shining over the hills of Catalina. All the people living their best life. It was feeling of belonging,” said Chad. 

While the Bierman Brothers know the magic of performing on Catalina, having done so now for a decade or so, their appearance on the Wrigley Stage Aug. 19 marks for them a long progression of performance on Island. 

“We have always loved Catalina,” says Sean, who believes they will one day end up coming to Catalina not only to perform, but to write music as well. 

The Brothers and their band will play a two-hour concert at 4 p.m. on the Wrigley Stage, according to Sean Bierman. They are supported by the Mars Generation, including Alyssa Carson, the astronaut trainee who is visiting Catalina Aug. 18 and 19. 

The Bierman Brothers have written an original song entitled “One Way Ticket to Mars,” which has yet to be released to the public. 

The Biermans say they will perform the song in honor of Carson’s visit during the live concert scheduled from 4-6 p.m. on the Wrigley Stage and again, later that same day during Carson’s appearance at the Ackerman Family Amphitheater at the Catalina Island Museum at 8 p.m

In addition, the Bierman Brothers say they expect international recording artist Gustavo Alarco to make a special guest appearance on stage with them during their Catalina performance.  

Alarco, a Latin recording artist, has recently released “Game of Love and Hate” with Quiet Riot guitarist Carlos Cavazo, will perform a few songs during the show, the Biermans said. 

“We’re excited about being on the big stage in Catalina,” said Sean, and “we look forward to seeing our friends in Catalina.” 

According to Chad, it’s going to be a great event. “As always in Catalina, it’s going to be a rocking time,” said Chad.