Avalon increases commuter subsidy

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One-time subsidy to be $85 for June commuter book

The vote was unanimous.

You might even say enthusiastic.

The four council members who were present at the City Council voted to increase the commuter book subsidy for one-time-only at this week’s meeting. The subsidy would be an additional $85 for the June commuter book, according to the staff report.

“This is awesome,” said Mayor Anni Marshall before the city manager presented the item to the council.

Councilmember Michael Ponce jokingly said, “This is a hard decision here.”

During his presentation, City Manager David Maistros explained that the city had received extra money.

“That’s really awesome,” Marshall said.


According to the staff report by Finance Director Matthew Baker, Avalon has recieved $1 million a year in Proposition A Incentive Funds from the county Metropolitan Transportation Authority. for several years, with $700,000 earmarked for the commuter program. Another $300,000 is earmarked for the city’s land transit system, according to the Baker report.

“In addition to these annual funds, the City received an additional $586,412 in ARPA Act equivalent Program Funds through the Proposition A Incentive Program to support transit programs impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic,” Baker wrote.

“These funds must be spent in the current fiscal year for the City’ commuter or land transit programs,” Baker wrote.

“City Staff recommends allocating the ARPA Act equivalent funds between both programs, with $286,412 to increased commuter subsidy and $300,000 for land transit improvements,” Baker wrote.

“Prior to the pandemic, from July 2016 through February 2020, the City subsidized approximately 800 commuter books per month,” Baker wrote.

Communter book activity decreased to 300 books during pandemic restrictions on travel, according to Baker’s report.

“Since June 2020, commuter activity has increased but remains below pre-pandemic levels, with approximately 600 commuter books subsidized per month through March 2023,” Baker wrote.

“In December 2021, City Council increased the regular commuter book subsidy from $70 to $85 to offset the impact of operator fare increases to residents and approved additional subsidies on resident commuter ticket books purchased during the months of January 2022 and June 2022,” Baker wrote.

“For the current fiscal year through March 2023, the City has subsidized approximately 4,900 resident commuter ticket books, totaling approximately $425 thousand in subsidy,” Bake wrote.

“After estimating for April and May activity, the City anticipates having $456 thousand in funding available to be spent by June 30, 2023. City Staff recommended an additional one-time $85 increase in commuter book subsidy ( for a total of $170 per book) for the month of June 2023,” Baker wrote.

“The City subsidized 2,309 books with its additional $100 subsidy in January 2022. Staff will continue to work with Metro to identify any additional assistance for resident commuters under the Proposition A Incentive Program in future fiscal years,” Baker wrote.