Avalon Harbor Activity Report April 2019

Joe’s Rent-a-Boat moorings are installed, as are the Catalina Island Yacht Club float and the Jet Ski barge off of Frog Rock. Avalon Harbor’s summer floats and docks are scheduled to be installed in May.

Easter weekend saw cool temperatures under 60 degrees and 128 boats arriving for the holiday. The “Sonrise” Service was held at 6 a.m. on a beautiful Easter morning.

April saw eight days with Small Craft advisories and three days with Gale warnings.

We had four yachting groups visit with a total of 48 boats. This included the Cabrillo

Beach Yacht Club and the Southern California Cruising Club.

On April 24, four of our harbor patrolmen, aboard Rescue 2, attended the memorial service for a Los Angeles Port policeman who assisted many of the operators at the maritime training center, MLETC. The services were held in LA Harbor at Point Fermin.

April 2019 stats are as follows:

Weather Warnings—11

Rain Days—5

Rain (inches)—.08

Average Temp, Hi / Low—65 / 54

Average Sea Temp—59

People aboard boats—3212  

Vessels Moored—803

Vessels Anchored—94

Moorings Sold / Transferred—0        

Citations Issued / Discharges—0 / 0   Total Cruise Ship Passengers / Visits—26,303 / 10

Avalon Harbor Activity Report April 2019