6,000 Fennie Grant well used in Avalon

Gift to Friends of the Library culminates in ukulele performance at City Hall

The $6,000 grant from the Fennie Foundation (through the Long Beach Community Foundation) to the Avalon Friends of the Library, culminated in a ukulele performance at city hall on May 7, 2019.

“This wonderful grant provided everything for all the people interested,” said Friends President Judy Grear. Board members Alison Osinski and Val Schafer worked on everything for the eight-week course. We started with 30 adults and children and ended with 25 who learned 7 songs.”

The grant targeted children with their parents but was open to anyone. Twelve brave souls including four youngsters played “26 Miles” and “Happy Birthday” (a tribute to Rosie Carman who turned 94).

 “We are so grateful to Smylyn Naluai, Eddie Hoffman and Alison Osinski who are remarkable teachers,” said Grear.

The grant covered everything so students who completed the course could keep the instruments, tuners and so on. Also, the Friends will provide for further instruction for a new set of students. Sign up at the Avalon Library.

Special thanks to Tim Foley at the U S Bank for the use of their conference room and to Librarian Paul Birchall and Library assistant Suzanne Moscoso for taking care of all the paperwork and organization. 

 “This is a community building program,” said Grear, “one of many provided through the library. We appreciate the support of the city council and Dan Huncke of the Rec Department. Playing at City Hall was daring and delightful and shows that great things are going on and good things should be shared.”