Letters to the Editor: Feb. 9, 2018

Concerned about Las Casitas neighborhood

Last week the Catalina Island Company presented their vision for expanding quality affordable housing for their employees and families in Las Casitas.

The audience actively responded with suggestions and reminders of the previously promised property to build a recreation center and pool.

Further suggestions regarding additional desal and renewable energy were also voiced.

One participant expressed concern about density, noting that the Catalina Island Company project would be nearly three times as many units as Bahia Vista.

The water for the proposed up to 180 units is to be supplied by new wells on the golf course, declared to be absolutely productive by Randy Herrel.

I’m sure the community would appreciate knowing how the wells were tested, for how many days, the amount of draw down and rate of recovery. With almost zero rain, we may well be on the verge of a super drought.

Many things were discussed, but my concern was not. There was little mention of trash, sewage, traffic congestion, noise and density.

In addition, there was no mention of costly mitigation as a result of building on a flood plain. Hopefully, these items can be addressed at a community meeting even before EIR results are known.

What will be the impact to public services with a substantial increase in population?

Will we need more firefighters, sheriffs, teachers and harbor personnel to name a few?

As they would not be employees of the CICo, where will they live?Las Casitas is already a functioning, historical neighborhood that has the potential to be improved, enhanced and expanded. To SCI’s credit, they recognize the deferred maintenance, but does Las Casitas need to be destroyed?

With the city’s expenditures to connect utilities to the area called Triana, there is, I believe, 93 potential units ready to be developed. At the next community meeting, I look forward to meaningful discussions on these issues and others.

Janice Hall



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