‘Sound the Alarm’ success

The bright red shirts of volunteers for the Avalon Lions Club and the American Red Cross travelled local neighborhoods on February 24 installing smoke alarms as part of the Red Cross’s “Sound the Alarm” program. Participating in the event were (left to right): Jim Parrish, Dave Thompson, David Grear, Yunuen Valencia, Jazmine Cureño, Chiamake Okeke, Chris Campbell-Jay, Linda Hayes, Rudy Secundino, Bianca Malkoc, Matt Martinez and Jim Watson. Not pictured are Chuck Liddell and John Regalado. Photo by Father Bill Ruther

Volunteers with the Avalon Lions Club teamed up with a mainland contingent of American Red Cross volunteers on Saturday for the “Sound the Alarm” home fire campaign. Started in 2014 by the Red Cross, the event involves teams of trained volunteers installing smoke alarms in homes across the nation.

During the day-long event, teams of volunteers installed new smoke alarms on nearly 40 properties across town.

The local Lions Club chapter contributed all the smoke alarm installers, while the Red Cross brought over the additional personnel, including Documenters and Educators. The Red Cross brought also provided all the smoke alarms, the result of a national grant.

“We got a lot of reports back from our installation teams about many homes without smoke alarms or dead batteries in existing smoke alarms,” said Watson. “It’s so crucial in a town like Avalon to be on our toes about fire danger.”

Watson said he hopes the event will become an annual one. “We’d like to do this once every spring or maybe every fall.”

‘Sound the Alarm’ success