Sheriff’s Log: of Sept. 15 to Sept. 21, 2022

Avalon Sheriff's Station.

Editor’s note:

The fol­low­­­ing is the Avalon Sheriff’s Sta­tion significant incidents report for the period of Sept. 15 to Sept. 21, 2022.

All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Many people who are arrested do not get prosecuted in the first place and many who are prosecuted do not get convicted.

September 15

• Deputies responded to the 100 block of Clarissa Avenue regarding a violation of a domestic violence restraining order. The deputies have been to the location numerous times regarding the same issue. A criminal report was written and submitted to Long Beach Superior Court.

September 16

• Deputies responded to a noise disturbance call on the 200 block of Clarissa. The caller stated men were yelling at the location. The deputies arrived and discovered a small group of men engaged in a competitive game of poker. The deputies reminded the men they were on Catalina Island and not in a Las Vegas casino and to respect the neighbors.

• Deputies responded to the 200 block of Crescent Avenue regarding a disturbance. The caller stated the Garlic Guy was refusing to leave and creating a disturbance. The deputies arrived and were unable to locate the disturbing party and there was no evidence of a crime.

• Deputies responded to a business disturbance on the 500 block of Crescent Avenue. The caller stated a customer was causing a commotion and arguing over his bill. The deputies contacted the complaining customer who peacefully settled his tab.

September 17

• Deputies responded to a traffic collision on the 900 block of Avalon Canyon Road. The deputies contacted the driver of a golf cart and determined a solo vehicle accident had occurred. The driver stated he was driving his golf cart and swerved to avoid running into Bambi. The were no injuries to the driver or the deer.

September 18

• Deputies responded to a disturbance call involving a man and woman on Crescent Avenue. The caller stated a man and woman were arguing at the location. The deputies contacted the feuding couple and determined they were arguing over personal matters. There was no evidence of any crime.

September 19

• Deputies responded to a disturbance at the Cabrillo Mole. The caller advised a man and 2 women were being disruptive and arguing with staff.

The deputies contacted the raucous group and determined they were denied service because of their repulsive behavior. The deputies warned them such behavior would not be tolerated.

September 20

• Deputies responded to a disturbance call on Clarissa Avenue.

The caller advised several people were drunk on the patio and being loud.

The deputies contacted the party people and told them it would be in their best interest to move their festivities inside.

They were all cooperative and appreciated the kind advice from the local sheriff.

• Deputies responded to a disturbance at the basketball courts. The informant advised several people were playing basketball and being loud at the location. The deputies contacted the disturbing parties and applauded them for their attention to physical fitness.

However, they told them it was way too late and they were way to loud. The athletes left the courts and apologized for bothering anyone.

September 21

• Deputies conducted foot patrol on Crescent Avenue. During their patrol they advised 3 tourists they would not be allowed to smoke weed in public on the island.