March 2021 Harbor Report

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Well, here we are a year after the “COVID Bomb” hit our small town and the rest of the World. Let’s take a look back, so that we can prepare to move forward.

By March 31, 2020:

• The Catalina Flyer had ceased all trips to Avalon until further notice;

• The Catalina Express suspended trips from its Dana Point and San Pedro terminals and reduced their Long Beach to Avalon run to two round trips per day;

• Around March 11th, the City of Avalon suspended all cruise ship visits until April 30, 2020;

• The cruise ship industry canceled all planned cruises – the last ship to visit Avalon was March 9, 2020;

• The Avalon City Council passed an Urgency Ordinance which included the prohibition of transient boats in Avalon waters until May 31, 2020;

• Los Angeles County closed public beaches and piers; and finally

• A series of restrictions, requirements and closures were established to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

By March 31, 2021:

• The Catalina Flyer is running daily trips from Newport;

• The Catalina Express is running trips from Dana Point and San Pedro, and has increased its number of trips from Long Beach;

• Cruise Ships are still restricted from traveling while they implement the CDC’s “Steps to Restart”. (Currently, cruise ship travel has been suspended through June 2021.);

• The Harbor has been opened to all boaters since June 2020;

• LA County public beaches and piers have been open since the 2020 summer season; and finally;

• The various levels of restrictions, requirements and closures are being reduced or eliminated.

Avalon Harbor and the rest of the island are anxious to get back to doing what we do best … serving the visitors who find our island home as wonderful and unique as we do.

Some interesting statistic comparisons:

March 2019

• People aboard boats = 2556

• Vessels moored = 639

• Cruise ship passenger/visits = 21,809/9March 2020

• People aboard boats = 952

• Vessels moored = 238

• Cruise ship passenger/visits = 6,300/3

March 2021 stats are as follows.

People aboard boats 2512

Average Temp – High 62

Vessels Moored 628

Average Temp – Low 51

Vessels Anchored 34

Average Sea Temp 57

Moorings Sold / Transferred 4

Rain (inches) 1.95

Citations Issued / Discharges 0/0

Rain Days 10

Total Cruise Ship Passengers / Visits: 0 / 0

Weather Warnings 15