Letters to the Editor: published April 28, 2023

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To Avalon residents:

Nora and I are working on bringing a dialysis clinic to Avalon at our local hospital.

We are developing a dialysis support group to consolidate all patients on hemodialysis or in home dialysis in Avalon and others who have left Avalon but would return if we had our own dialysis clinic.

This local support group would act as ONE voice to fortify the need for a local clinic to support residents and vacationing tourists that would extend their vacations if they had the advantage of a local dialysis clinic.

A local dialysis clinic would make people with kidney disease more productive members of our community during that end of life journey. We all seek quality of life as we grow older. This disease can happen to anyone at any age and has a dramatic change upon your family’s lifestyle.

This is why it is critical to have a local facility that would reduce the stress of being on a nightly dialysis machine from home or the frequent, costly trips to the mainland to visit a hemodialysis clinic.

Please if you know someone on dialysis here or on the mainland, who would like to visit/live here, visit or call our office manager (below) Monday – Friday to register with your name, address and phone number:

  • Kelly Dahl, 311 Sumner Ave.; 310-510-1688 ext 1

Thank you for your interest,

Jack and Nora Tucey