Letters to the Editor: Oct. 5, 2018

Your column in the Islander newspaper

Hi Captain Vaughn (“Catalina Cooking”)—just wanted you to know your column is my favorite part of the paper.

You write like a real chef instead of a cookbook author. I made the Fettuccine with Roasted Veggies and Lemon Ricotta about a week ago and it was a hit.

(Although the beets made the left over past too red so I may cut them out the next time). But as an east coaster originally I have a question about your Martha’s Vineyard BBQ.

You mention Baguette croutons with garlic and rosemary but further on down in the recipe where you describe making the croutons you mention seasoning at the end with Montreal seasoning and actually never mention the rosemary. And rosemary is not in Montreal seasoning as a remember. I just wondered if there was a printing goof.

Geraldine Knatz, Ph. D.

Los Angeles

Letters to the Editor: Oct. 5, 2018