Letters: published April 14, 2023

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Response to Dialysis Clinic for Town Hall and the people of Avalon

The meeting Wednesday was to understand the feasibility for Avalon to have a dialysis clinic. Not only to take care of its existing residents who have chronic kidney failure but to also increase a visitor’s selection to vacation here because of the ability to dialyze here with a hem dialysis facility.

There are currently about a dozen members of our community on a dialysis in home treatment due to monetary restrictions caused by both boat transportation and car rentals to mainland dialysis clinics. It is estimated to cost $24,000 per year for the patient and caregiver.

These home solutions confine your life to nightly terms (8 hours) on a self administered machine that has to be operated by a family person which increases the risk of infection. This disease can happen at any age but more for senior members of our community which can create a massive disruption in family life at this vulnerable age with the possibility of having to move off the island.

Having hem dialysis in Avalon gives the person a more active lifestyle to participate in the community to work and enjoy a life without having to go to the mainland 3 times per week and relieves their family of constant care. We can also market it to tourists and visitors alike who would then be able to vacation here for an extended period with a local dialysis center.

The fact that a local dialysis center here would benefit local residents and mainland visitors is also of valued use of our local hospital of which we are currently funding with an increased cost to our transportation system that comes from locals and visitors.

Chronic kidney disease affects all ages of the population and is affected by diabetes as well. This disease is not going away and your life and family would change dramatically. A local clinic would give you the freedom for your end of life journey, giving you the ability to work or relax without having a nightly stint of a home dialysis for you or your family.

This important need is here now and needs attention by all of us living on this beautiful island.


Jack and Nora Tucey

Thank you, CIMC

The Machado family would like to thank the CIMC, doctors, nurses and staff for taking such excellent care of Lucille Machado during her hospital stay. We couldn’t have asked for better care. Everyone was so kind and attentive to her, and knowing she was so well cared for made her journey more pleasant and gave the family comfort and ease with her transition. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the love and care we received.

Thank you!

With gratitude and love,

The Machado family