Letter to the Editor: Friday, April 15, 2022

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A solution to air rules

Re: ‘Catalina Express faced with stark options if new air regulations take effect’

There is a solution to this problem, hydrogen injection. There are currently available products that reduce 70% of particulates while improving mileage by about 10%. https://solarimpulse.com/solutions-explorer/hydrogen-injection-system-h-i-s

An Australian company, HYDI Hydrogen, https://tinyurl.com/jwp9c6wh produces units that will reduce 70% of particulates while improving mileage about 10%. With over 1 million miles of testing in land vehicles, these are plug and play, well tested devices.

Borg Warner, a 10 billion dollar company founded in 1928, is involved with this technology…https://tinyurl.com/2rznv89a This is no longer your shade tree mechanic’s experiment.

In the years since these CARB regulations were instituted, a great deal of progress has been made in product development. What has not been as successful is raising public awareness about hydrogen/ fossil fuel hybrid systems. In the hype about hydrogen several years ago, the terms hydrogen and fuel cell seemed inseparable. The media completely ignored converted Internal Combustion Engines. A more complete combustion of the Diesel also improves general engine health, reducing maintenance costs. ( I’m not a salesperson for any company, just a believer in the technology).

I’ve studied various hydrogen systems for over 40 years, the evolution of the technology and market possibilities. The time to implement is now. Please stop looking to the government for grants, or other delays. These mandates were put into effect to get traction on solutions, to counter that effort is to deny the immediate need for action.

The economy and the environment will benefit. Catalina Express, The SCI Company, The Conservancy, and the general image of The Island on a global scale will make for good vibes and good business. The free marketing associated with implementing this technology will provide considerable value. With a payback time of less than three years, this is a good ol’ fashioned capitalist solution.

There are other companies out there, and I would encourage a full examination into the possibilities.

I have further information on little known solutions for clean energy, if interested.

Sterling Buell

Thank You