Harbor Activity Report August 2021

Photo by Glen Gustafson. It appears from this drone photo taken on Saturday, Sept. 4, that Avalon Harbor was overflowing with visitor traffic.

August was very busy, as expected, even with the “August Overcast” (doesn’t rhyme as well as May gray or June gloom, but I’m not poet and I know it!).

We sold out every weekend, in Avalon Harbor by Thursdays and all moorings by Fridays. Labor Day was a little slower than the past two years, likely due to school retuning to in-class teaching and a mid-August return to school for many Southern California school districts.

Lido Island Yacht Club visited Avalon with seven vessels from Aug. 16 to Aug. 19. Oddly, Harbor Patrol and Baywatch rescued three different vessels taking on water just outside the Avalon area. They were within two-and-a-half weeks of each other.Due to affect that COVID-19 has had on our economy (and the rest of the world) the comparison, below, shows this year, plus the past two years’ stats.

August 2021 stats

People aboard boats—10,220

Vessels Moored—2,555

Vessels Anchored—122

Moorings Sold/Transferred—2

Citations Issued/Discharges—1 / 1

Total Cruise Ship Passengers—0

Average Temp, High—71

Average Temp, Low—63

Average Sea Temp—70


Rain Days—1

Weather Warnings—0

August 2020 stats

People aboard boats—10,332

Vessels Moored—2,583

Vessels Anchored—119

Moorings Sold/Transferred—2 / 0

Citations Issued/Discharges—0 / 0

Total Cruise Ship Passengers—0

Average Temp, High—73

Average Temp, Low—64

Average Sea Temp—71


Rain Days—0

Weather Warnings 0

August 2019 stats

People aboard boats—10,612

Vessels Moored—2653

Vessels Anchored—119

Moorings Sold/Transferred—3

Citations Issued/Discharges—3 / 3

Total Cruise Ship Passengers—21,484

Average Temp, High—71

Average Temp, Low—62

Average Sea Temp—69


Rain Days—0

Weather Warnings—0

In addition to the above stats, Avalon Harbor Patrol responded to 12 medical assists, had 68 enforcement contacts (aka “warned and advised”), 170 public assists, and 137 security patrols (includes patrolling Crescent, the Casino and the Mole).

Reminder: The “shoulder” rates will begin Sept. 15 and run through Oct. 14. The rate is: pay for four nights and get the next three consecutive nights for free.

Harbor Activity Report August 2021