Coyote Joe’s and Bravo’s Landscaping victorious

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If you haven’t made it to a co-ed softball game yet, it’s time to brave the cold and come on up to watch these exciting games.

The first game was a nail biter between Luau Larry’s and Coyote Joe’s. Luau Larry’s was up first and brought home a run on two base hits. Coyote Joe’s answered back with three base hits and a double from Nicholas Morones to score three.

Luau Larry’s took the lead in the second inning with three runs on a walk and three base hits. In the third, Luau Larry’s got on an offensive roll, starting with back to back triples from Nestor Cubillas and Ryan Hinkley. Seven base hits later, seven runs had come home.

Coyote Joe’s didn’t want to be left out of the fun and had a rally of their own in the bottom of the inning. Four base hits and doubles from Chuy Sillas, Daniel Paradisi and Ron Bevins scored six runs. Luau Larry’s put up two more runs in the fourth off a double from Nestor Cubillas and a home run from Weston Leonhardi.

Coyote Joe’s took the lead in the bottom of the fourth. Five base hits and a double from Daniel Paradisi had six cross the plate. In the sixth inning Luau Larry’s again took the lead with three runs on a walk and three base hits. With time expired, Coyote Joe’s got their last at bat. A base hit was followed by a double from Chuy Sillas. With two outs, and two on, Marisa Morones came up and hit a walk off double to win the game 16-17.

For Luau Larry’s Weston Leonhardi and Francisco Bravo were four for four. Nestor Cubillas, Ryan ZHinkley, Ben Guzman and Lexi Tran all collected two hits. Uriel Castillo, Jorge Leon, Amanda Younger, Chela Hernandez and Haley Campbell all contributed one hit.

For Coyote Joe’s, Daniel Paradisi was three for three. Chuy Sillas and Marisa Morones also had three hits. Nicholas Morones, Mario Jimenez, Ron Bevins and Sean McIntyre had two hits. Hugh Bevins, Javier Jimenez and Fabiola Sillas contributed one hit.

Game two between Straight Up Builders and Bravo’s Landscaping didn’t disappoint in the exciting department either. Straight Up Builders opened the game with an RBI double from Justin Hernandez. Bravo’s Landscaping opened up hot with four base hits, doubles from Robert Reyes and Joe Hernandez, and a triple from Stephen Marcy to score seven runs.

Straight Up Builders put up three runs in the second off two base hits and doubles from Manny Hernandez and Selina Morones. Bravo’s Landscaping kept pace with four runs in the bottom of the inning off a base hit, an error, a double from Robert Reyes and a triple from Stephen Marcy.

Straight Up Builders added one more in the third off the double from J.D. Lafin, who later scored. In the fourth, Adam Olson had an RBI double for Straight Up Builders. Bravo’s Landscaping answered with a double from Robert Reyes, who later scored. Straight Up Builders crept closer with two runs in the fifth, and another two runs in the sixth. Justin Hernandez had a double in the sixth.

Going into the seventh and final inning, Straight Up Builders came up to bat down by two runs. Bravo’s Landscaping’s defense held them, and the game ended with the score Straight Up Builders 10, Bravo’s Landscaping 12.

For Straight Up Builders, J.D. Laflin, Justin Hernandez, Alex Herrera and Selina Morones had two hits. With one hit each were Brandon Franco, Manny Hernandez, Adam Olson, Paul Daniel Romo, Victor Martinez, Briana Morones and Diana Rios.

For Bravo’s Landscaping, Robert Reyes was three for three. Enrique Bravo and Stephen Marcy collected two hits. Tyler Engel, Joe Hernandez, Alex Romero, Margery Williams and Stephanie Martinez contributed one hit.


Bravo’s Landscaping 3-0

Straight Up Builders 2-1

Coyote Joe’s 1-2

Luau Larry’s 0-3

Schedule for Feb. 23

6 p.m. Straight Up Builders vs. Coyote Joe’s

7:45 p.m. Luau Larry’s vs. Bravo’s Landscaping