Council OKs new lease with Tuna Club

The Avalon City Council unanimously approved the Tuna Club’s new 20-year lease with the city. The new lease could be extended twice, for 10 years. The lease could run until 2061.

This was a Consent Calendar item, but was pulled for separate consideration.

“During the April 20, 2021 City Council meeting, City Council directed Staff to negotiate a new lease with the Tuna Club maintaining aspects of the existing lease with the following new terms: – Initial 20-year lease agreement with two, 10-year extensions. – Increase monthly rent amount to reflect current CPI adjusted sum that is being paid ($3,400),” according to the staff report by City Manager Denise Radde and Administrative Analyst Devin Hart.

“In addition, a member of the City Council requested that the City Attorney determine if it is possible to require the Tuna Club to submit a list of their membership annually as well as include a non-discrimination clause in the lease. The City Attorney’s Office determined that requiring disclosure of a membership list or prospective member list could be considered a violation of privacy,” they wrote. 

“Section 30 of the revised lease agreement addresses ‘Nondiscrimination,’” the report said.

“The Tuna Club has occupied the property at 100 St. Catherine Way for more than 100 years. The property is included on the National Register of Historic Places and is identified as California Historical Landmark No. 997,” the report said.