City seeks state grant to replenish sand

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City staff has apply for a state grant to fund a project to minimize sand loss on South Beach.

The council authorized staff to apply for the money this week.

If the grant application is approved, the California Division of Boating and Waterways Public Beach Restoration Program will award Avalon with more than $1.1 million (rounded) for the sand loss relief project.

Avalon would have to provide 15% matching funds, in this case $170,000, according to the staff report.

“The project would include dredging and sand replacement,” according to the staff report by Administrative Analyst Audra McDonald.

Technically, the application was already submitted on Feb. 1, according to the report.

The grant application was a Consent Calendar item. The council votes on Consent Calendar items collectively, without individual discussion. The vote was 4-0, as one council member joined the Tuesday, Feb. 16, meeting after the Consent Calendar was approved.

City seeks state grant to replenish sand