City looks at draft CIP budget

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Avalon Finance Director Matthew Baker recently updated the council on the draft of the city’s capital improvement program budget.

He said he wanted to stress that the budget is still in draft form. He focused on the major projects that staff had planned for next year.

Baker defined a capital improvement project as any construction project or equipment purchase of more than $5,000.

Here are some of the projects Baker discussed:

  • Five Corners pedestrian improvements: year-to-date expenses (as of May 16), $11,242. According to Baker, the project was delayed this year because staff saw a grant opportunity that would add to funding for the project.

According to Baker, construction will begin next year. The total project has been budgeted at about $5 million, of which $4.7 million would be grant funds, according to Baker.

  • Pebbly Beach Road: The city recieved $2 million in Federal funds for this project. He said the first phase of the project would be getting the road back into a strong condition.

He said the second phase would be to build up the revetment. The third phase would be pedestrian sidewalks along the road, according to Baker.

  • Community ADA projects: The city will have $200,000 to spend next year on curb cuts and ADA ramps throughout town.

Baker said the city had been active in the harbor this year.

  • Mole Ferry Terminal Phase II: Baker said the city spent much of the year preparing for this project. According to Baker, the city expects to issue a request for proposals and begin construction next year.

Baker put the total project budget at $16 million, of which $14 million is grant-funded. He said the project would likely be split over two years.

  • Green Pier repairs project:

Baker said the city had replaced five support beams. He said he believed the city was looking at 15 pilings next year.

According to Baker, the city has four years on its permits, so the city is phasing in work on the pier to minimize construction on the pier.

Baker said a lot of the costs of the pier project is bringing materials over to the Island.

He said the city is looking at phasing in the project over the next two fiscal years.

  • Green Pier decking: Baker said this was a good time to look at the decking since to replace the support beams the decking has to be removed anyway.

Baker said the city was looking to replace the decking in phases.

He said the city was looking to fund the project with grants. However, for now, the project would be funded from Harbor Fund reserves.

Like the pier repair project, the decking project would be done over two years.

Mayor Anni Marshall asked how long the decking would last.Baker said he believed the decking was last replaced in the ’90s.

  • Landfill retaining wall project: Baker said the intent of the wall is to increase the height of the landfill, which would increase the number of the years that Avalon would be able to use the landfill.

Baker said the city was looking at spending half a million in design and permitting in the next fiscal year.

Baker said there was a risk that the city could go through the permitting process and be denied.

“But increasing the height is our best bet at extending the life” of the landfill, Baker said.

He said he had been told that the cost of shipping the trash off the Island exceeded the cost of building the wall.