Volleyball players embrace learning experience

Courtesy photo Avalon Girls Volleyball team.

Avalon team joins others for players camp at USC

The Avalon Girls Volleyball team recently traveled to USC for a volleyball camp that had about 20 teams and 200 players participating. What an amazing week of volleyball; great competition, team bonding and lots of learning experiences to help us prepare for our upcoming fall season. Not only did they improve on their volleyball skills, but they made memories that will last a lifetime.

It was filled with lots of drills and learning opportunities and they went out and showed that Lancer Pride.

They learned why volleyball is the ultimate team sport. This all wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for the Bucks from Bobby Foundation who graciously gives to community and helps build future leaders, I know these young ladies are super grateful and happy they got experience this opportunity.

Thank you, Teagen and Laura we appreciate you very much. What makes Avalon so unique is that there is so much unity in this community and special people who want to see the younger generations grow and be greater. All of our kids stayed in the USC dorms and ate in the dining hall and were able to navigate around campus, which makes the experience 10 times better.

This camp offered a lot of extra details that just make the camp special and memorable for the team when it comes to the social off-court sessions.

As much as we want to improve our volleyball skills, I think it’s important how we operate as teammates and players to make up a volleyball team.

The learning off the court was so valuable because they heard it from current USC volleyball players and they touched on the importance of being a better person to create a better athlete.

They also were able to set goals on and off the court, in the classroom and in the game.

Avalon is a small school but that doesn’t impact our athletes’ desire to get better. I can see that they all want to be better at this game.

So many younger siblings are looking up to their siblings and want to be just like them so keep inspiring, growing and learning.

You have so many people looking up to you all and want to see you do great things.

Carlos Martinez is the Avalon High School Boys & Girls Volleyball Coach.

Volleyball players embrace learning experience