Tentative June 2022 Avalon Election results

Public record All results are tentative until the election is certified.

Marshall is mayor; sales tax increase rejected

Anni Marshall has been re-elected mayor.

Mary Schickling has been elected to the City Council.

Measure S, the one-quarter-of-a-penny sales tax increase, has been defeated.

The results have not been certified. In the City Council race, as of June 8, Oley Olsen had a two vote lead over Michael Ponce. It is possible those numbers could change.

As for Measure TT, the proposed Transient Occupancy Tax increase, the “No” votes had a nine-vote lead over the “Yes” votes. Those numbers might also change.

Los Angeles County election results were current as of 2:07 a.m., Wednesday, June 8.

“Ballots cast in Vote by Mail precincts are counted in the first bulletin,” according to lavote.gov, the county Registrar-Recorder’s website.

“These tallied Vote by Mail precincts are reflected in the “Precincts Reporting” figure. There are 1207 Vote by Mail precincts. The voter registration figure reflects registrations 29 days before the election. Voters who registered after this date will have their vote counted.”

According to the city of Avalon website, the county will “tentatively certify Election Results” on July 1.

Tentative June 2022 Avalon Election results