Teditorial: Happy to get reaquainted with Catalina

Ted Apodaca

It’s been 20-plus years since I have been to Catalina Island. I’m told I need to get over there soon and I plan to. The Catalina Islander newspaper has made some shifts and changes in its editorial staff. I say shifts, because in my view, we are trying to better utilize our staffing resources to provide a quality newspaper to the island. We want to be a voice for the community. In reality, I’m simply an old sports guy, who came over from the Orange County Register many years ago when the newspaper industry began to slow down. While it continues to change, local community papers have held on, usually because they have a connection to the areas they serve.

This is extremely accurate when it comes to The Catalina Islander, which has been a staple on the island area for many years. My task is to maintain and build upon that connection. This move is simply a move to try and improve our ability to better bring the community news that matters specifically to it. I look forward to getting to know the island and making trips out there to meet its residents and visitors and cover some of its events. Feel free to contact us at editor@thecatalinaislander.com.