Teditorial: Amateur photographers take aim at the coast

Courtesy Photo Honorable Mention: “Violet the Crab,” Pebble Beach, by Andrew Spivey, from the 2019 contest.

The 22nd annual California Ocean and Coastal Amateur Photography Contest is underway. The contest is sponsored by the California Coastal Commission and they are looking for amateur photos of the California coast that feature the following subjects:

• The scenic coast and Pacific Ocean off California,

• People and the California coast, and

• California ocean and coastal wildlife

Here at the Islander, we get a lot of photo submissions that are very good. Clearly there are some creative people out there who are finding some unique ways to capture the local area. On In Catalina, obviously, there are lots of places to find slices of coastal life.

They are looking for people shots, as well as natures, but if you are shooting nature they are asking that they be taken from a public place. Also, photos of marine mammals must be taken from 50 yards away or more to ensure the animals are not being disturbed. This is also a photography contest, so limited post-processing will be allowed. The photos must remain essentially as they were shot in natural setting. In other words, go very light on the photoshopping. Photos can be color or black and white.

For more information and requirements, visit mycoastalphoto.com.

Entry is free and open to all amateur photographers, meaning that unless you earn more than 50 percent of your income as a photographer, you are considered an amateur. Many of the prizes are things like whale watching kayak tours off San Diego and Monterrey, and sure you can get all those things here in Catalina, but maybe you can gift them to a friend, if you don’t want to go.

Some of the winners and honorable mentions in 2019, included a shot of a purple crab on rock, a lone surfer waiting for a set, or a large group of surfers charging into the water. I know there are a lot of you out there who have shot some good pictures. Check the website and see if you want to try your hand. Visit the website listed above for more information and examples of prize winners from 2019. Also, if you are local and you do get a prize or mention, please let us know so we can follow up in our newspapers. Good luck to all.

Ted Apodaca is the editor of the Catalina Islander. He can be reached at editor@thecatalinaislander.com, or at 562-317-1100.