Team lands massive bluefin

An excited crew holds their 270-lb Bluefin Tuna off Catalina Island before rushing to the Green Pier to weigh the catch. Courtesy photo

One of the largest bluefin tuna caught so far this year was reeled in by a crew of fishing friends this past week. According to Steve Towle, boat captain, “we hooked the 270-lbs. bluefin tuna on the backside of San Clemente Island at 7:30 a.m. Saturday and it took more than 35 minutes of massive struggle with their entire crew, they landed the incredibly large Bluefin.

The 51-foot Bertram boat’s name is Fandango, said Towle, and it was a “team effort” to land the fish. “Many guys took turns fighting” the big Bluefin, said Towle.

As soon as the crew managed to get the bluefin tuna in the boat, they rushed to the Green Pier for the official weigh-in.

Members of the team included the boat’s co-owner, Brian Disser, Sergio Vasquez, David Cormack, Dave Schaefer, David Johnson and Marlow Peterson.

He said the boat was out of Manhattan Beach.


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