Swim Club swim for Pancreatic Cancer set for Saturday, Sept. 18

Courtesy photo. The Catalina Island Swim Club, pictured above, will raise funds to fight pancreatic cancer on Sept. 18.

On Saturday, Sept. 18, Art Festival Weekend the Catalina Island Swim Club will have its fourth benefit swim for Pancreatic Cancer, Pancam.org.

The club will meet at 7 a.m. at Casino Point and start the swim at 7:30 a.m.

As in the past, the more hardy swimmers will swim the 2.2 miles round trip along the shore to Frog Rock; others will swim to Descanso Beach and others will just “jump in and get wet.” Following the swim will be a potluck breakfast.

Two years ago a swim club from Laguna Beach had a Catalina Saltwater Swim event for their club.

This year they decided to swim for a purpose and are joining Catalina club’s fundraiser for pancreatic cancer.

Nearly all of us have lost a friend or relative to this tragic cancer and may wonder, “will I be taken out by pancreatic cancer?”

If you care to donate to our fundraiser online, go to pancan.org, click the “Donate now” button, and donate “In Honor Of” (first name) Catalina, (last name) Swim.

You can also write a check to Pancan and mail it to Canby, POBox 704, Avalon, 90704

For more information, contact Charlie Canby (310) 809-0661), Claudia Canby (310) 809-0626), or Santa Dominguez (310) 886-0497). The club need help with tables and the potluck breakfast.

Swim Club swim for Pancreatic Cancer set for Saturday, Sept. 18