Straight Up Builders, Bravo’s win

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Straight Up Builders and Coyote Joe’s played in the first game of the night. Coyote Joe’s held Straight Up Builders scoreless in the first inning. In the bottom of the inning they used five base hits and an error to bring home four runs. Straight Up Builders got on the board with two runs off an error, a base hit and a double from Paul Daniel Romo.

Straight Up Builders added another run in the third off the RBI double from J.D. Laflin. Coyote Joe’s added a run in the bottom of the inning when Daniel Paradisi hit a double and later scored.

Straight Up Builders broke the game open in the fourth inning when eight runs crossed the plate off four base hits, doubles from Justin Hernandez, Alex Herrera and Selina Morones, and a home run from J.D. Laflin.

Coyote Joe’s answered with a three-run home run from Nick Morones. Both teams were scoreless in the fifth. With time expired, the game ended with the score Straight Up Builders 11, Coyote Joe’s 8.

For Coyote Joe’s, Daniel Paradisi was three for three. Nick Morones, Hugh Bevins and Marisa Morones collected two hits. Chuy Sillas, Ron Bevins and Elias Romero contributed one hit.

For Straight Up Builders Adam Olson, Paul Daniel Romo and Alex Herrera were two for two. J.D. Laflin also had two hits. Justin Hernandez, Brandon Franco, Selina Morones and Diana Rios all had one hit.

Game two featured Luau Larry’s and Bravo’s Landscaping. Luau Larry’s was up to bat first, and Weston Leonhardi hit a double, but was left stranded at third. Bravo’s Landscaping’s Robert Reyes hit a solo home run in the bottom of the inning.

In the bottom of the second inning Bravo’s Landscaping scored five runs off five base hits, a walk and a double from Stephanie Martinez.

Luau Larry’s rallied for five runs in the third. Jorge Leon hit a triple and scored on the two RBI home run over the right field chain from Ryan Hinkley. An error, two base hits and a double from Joe Talsky brought home the other three runs.

Bravo’s Landscaping answered with a triple from Robert Reyes who scored on an error.

Tyler Engel then hit a two RBI home run. Marcus Watts hit a double but was left stranded at second.

Top of four, and Weston Leonardhi hit a two RBI double, but was again stranded at third.

Bravo’s Landscaping answered with an RBI double from Joe Hernandez, who scored on the double from Robert Reyes. Bravo’s Landscaping put up three more in the bottom of the fifth off four base hits.

In the sixth and final inning, Luau Larry’s opened with a single followed by back to back doubles from Ryan Hinkley and Weston Leonhardi. Two errors brought the third run home before the third out. The game ended with the score Luau Larry’s 10, Bravo’s Landscaping 14.

For Luau Larry’s, Weston Leonhardi was four for four. Jorge Leon was three for three. Ryan HInkley also had three hits. Francisco Bravo collected two hits, while Joe Talsky and Uriel Castillo had one hit.

For Bravo’s Landscaping, Robert Reyes, Tyler Engel and Marcus Watts were three for three. Santiago Martinez and Enrique Bravo collected two hits. Joe Hernandez, Felipe Casillas, Aimee Casillas and Stephanie Martinez all contributed one hit.