Over the past several months there has been some vandalism to the Avalon Skate Park: damaged ramps, broken bottles, and graffiti. So, the City of Avalon and the skating and art communities came together to create an event to demonstrate how to utilize a communal space.  

On the Saturday July 24, the City of Avalon sponsored a “Skate and Paint” event; mural lessons, mural competition and a skate competition, coordinated by Jenny Diaz. An invitation was open to whoever wanted to learn and compete.

Ms. Diaz started teaching how to mural at 8 a.m. to local kids. Muraling is an art form where the artist either paints or spray paints on large walls. The city placed large panels in the skate park to create a place where kids and local artist can practice the art of muraling. The winner of the competition was Sam Padilla with his artistic version of a dinosaur. 

In the skate competition, local skater Tyler Holmes won first place over Alberto Delgado 2nd, and Lano Lopez 3rd. They all won some swag from CSC Boardshop, donated by Mo Seals. After the competition and before the awards David Hart and Jenny Diaz had an opportunity to talk with the artist and skaters about growing the community through respect for the space. They are the protectors due to it being the home for their outlets.

The city was so impressed with the success of this event, they have asked Ms. Diaz to do another. “Rampfest” will be held Saturday Aug. 27 at the Skatepark starting at 8 a.m. There will be muraling classes, mural competitions, skate competitions but with multiple age groups, and Sam Huerta who will be teaching the skate class this fall, will be demonstrating and  teaching tricks to all participants. 

To participate you only need to show up on the 27th. Skaters must wear helmets. If you would like to donate to this event, please call David Hart 310-510-0220 ext. 231.

Skate and paint event creates positive atmosphere