Sheriff’s Log: Sept. 29 to Oct. 5, 2022

Avalon Sheriff's Station.

Editor’s note: The fol­low­­­ing is the Avalon Sheriff’s Sta­tion significant incidents report for the period of Sept. 29 to Oct. 5, 2022. All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Many people who are arrested do not get prosecuted in the first place and many who are prosecuted do not get convicted.

September 29

• Deputies responded to a traffic collision near the Botanical Gardens. Upon arrival they discovered a rental golf cart had overturned with 4 tourists on board. Two of the passengers suffered injuries and were flown overtown to Harbor UCLA Medical Center. The fire departments treated the patients and coordinated all transportation.

• Deputies responded to Hermit Gulch regarding a bon fire at the campground. They determined it was a small campfire worship service and there was no fire hazard.

September 30

• Deputies responded to the Chi Chi Club for a man with a hurt back. The deputies contacted the man and asked him how he injured his back. The man stated he suffered from sciatica and did not aggravate his injury from dancing at the club. The deputies gave the man a ride home and urged him to follow up with his doctor.

• Deputies responded to a traffic collision on the 200 block of Beacon Street. The caller stated a golf cart had struck a pedestrian. The pedestrian was transported and treated at CIMC. A traffic accident report was written.

October 1

• Deputies responded to the Vons parking lot regarding a business disturbance. The golf cart patrol observed customers drinking alcohol in their rental golf cart. He contacted them and took the key from the ignition. The customers became agitated and began yelling at the informant. Deputies contacted all parties and calmed the situation. The golf cart was returned to the shop without incident.

• Deputies were summoned to the 100 block of Sumner Avenue. They were contacted by the hotel manager who requested extra patrol because she was afraid an unhappy customer would return. The deputies drove by the location often and the angry customer never returned.

• Deputies on patrol observed a rental golf cart driving on Crescent Avenue. They stopped the cart and issued the driver a citation for the violation.

• Deputies responded to a disturbance call at Float #3. The caller stated an adult male was drunk and harassing others in line. The deputies contacted the man and determined he was arguing with others over his place in line. The deputies told him it was not nice to cheat or cut the line. He understood and stopped arguing with other customers.

October 2

• Deputies responded to a possible drunk man on the 300 block of Metropole Avenue. The caller stated a strange man was inside his house and the man appeared confused and lost. The deputies contacted the man and determined he had too much Saturday night and was inside the wrong home. The deputies assisted the man and escorted him to his AIRBNB.

• Deputies responded to the 100 block of Catalina Avenue regarding a drunk man sleeping in the alley. The deputies contacted the man and determined he too had enjoyed Saturday night a little too much. They determined the man was staying on a boat in the harbor and was too tired to return. The man left the alley and headed out to his boat.

October 3

• Deputies and LA County Fire responded to a missing diver at Torqua Springs. The diver was missing from a dive boat chartered out of Long Beach. Dive teams deployed and recovered the missing diver who had deceased.

October 4

• Deputies responded to a disturbance call on the 100 block of Sumner Avenue. The caller stated 3 people were sitting on a bench smoking weed and drinking alcohol. The deputies contacted the disturbing parties and advised them it was illegal to smoke weed or drink in public. After some debate and education on California Law, the violators left with a better understanding of laws pertaining to marijuana.

• Deputies responded to a fight call on the 200 block of Falls Canyon Road. The caller stated a female was assaulting another female at the location. The deputies conducted an investigation and arrested a Yesica Jimenez, of Avalon, for allegedly committing an assault with a weapon (cell phone). Jimenez was booked at Avalon Sheriff’s Station.

October 5

• Deputies conducted numerous high visibility foot patrols on Crescent Avenue due to cruise ship passengers being in town.