Sheriff’s Log: published March 6, 2020

Avalon Sheriff's Station.

Editor’s note: The following is the Avalon Sheriff’s Station significant incidents report for the week of Feb. 26 to March 3, 2020. All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Many people who are arrested do not get prosecuted in the first place and many who are prosecuted do not get convicted.

February 26

• Deputies arrested Marisa McCormick from Avalon for an outstanding $20,000 narcotic warrant in the 100 block of Sumner Avenue.

February 27

• Deputies arrested Calin Mihaita and Daimond Miclescu from Fullerton on suspicion of driving through the city of Avalon in a rental golf cart scamming residents and visitors by selling fake gold necklaces and rings as real gold jewelry. The suspects were self-claimed Romanian gypsies.

February 28

• Deputies arrested Cassandra Maria Jackson-Frazier from Los Angeles on suspicion of being under the influence of alcohol. The arrest occurred in the 100 block of Falls Canyon Road.

• Deputies and first responders responded to the airport regarding a male hiker that fell and injured his shoulder. The hiker said he tried to avoid a bison when he fell and injured himself. He was airlifted to a hospital on the mainland.

• A victim reported that someone stole his headphones from his vehicle in the 100 block of Sumner Avenue. The victim left the headphones on the seat of the vehicle with the windows down and the doors unlocked.

February 29

• Deputies responded to 1 Cabrillo Mole regarding a man that was passed out drunk and missing his shoe. After the man was woken up by deputies, he assaulted his boyfriend. Deputies arrested Jose Munoz from Sherman Oaks on suspicion of being drunk in public and suspicion of domestic violence.

March 1

• Deputies and first responders responded to a traffic collision where a golf cart over turned on Pebbly Beach Road. There were four occupants that suffered minor injuries.

March 2

• Deputies again arrested a 13-year-old juvenile for assaulting her mother. The assault occurred in the 300 block of Tremont Street. The juvenile was sent to juvenile hall.

• Deputies conducted a child neglect investigation in the 200 block of Falls Canyon Road. A concerned informant reported that two children were not being properly taken care of at home. The investigation is continuing.

March 3

• Deputies arrested Patricia Ortiz from Avalon on suspicion of being under the influence of a controlled substance in the 100 block of Banning Drive.

Safety Note

Deputies are looking for anyone who bought gold jewelry from two Romanian men on Feb. 27, 2020, in the city of Avalon. The men sold the jewelry while they were visiting the island. The jewelry is fake gold and the suspects have been arrested. Please contact Captain John Hocking at 310-510-174.

Sheriff’s Log: published March 6, 2020