Sheriff’s Log: Nov. 4 to Nov. 10, 2021

Avalon Sheriff's Station.

Editor’s note: The fol­low­­­ing is the Avalon Sheriff’s Sta­tion significant incidents report for the week of Nov. 4 to Nov. 10, 2021.

All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Many people who are arrested do not get prosecuted in the first place and many who are prosecuted do not get convicted.

November 5

• Deputies and the Fire Departments responded to an automobile fire at Shark Harbor. The caller stated a silver Ford Explorer was on the road and smoke was coming from the vehicle. The Fire Departments determined the vehicle was overheating and assisted the driver.

•Deputies responded to a burglar alarm at a residence on the 300 block of Wrigley Terrace Road. The deputies were able to determine the home had not been broken into and the alarm was activated accidentally.

• Deputies received a business disturbance call at Vons Market. The caller stated a male adult was pretending to be a box boy and was refusing to leave the location. The deputies contacted the disturbing party and advised him he was not an employee of Vons and to leave the location. He was cooperative and left without any problems.

November 6

• Deputies received a disturbance call on Pebbly Beach Road. The informant stated there was a male standing in the middle of the road yelling at cars driving by. While deputies were responding to the call the informant called the sheriff’s station and advised the dispatcher the disturbing party had already left the location. The deputies checked the surrounding areas and were unable to locate a screaming man.

• Deputies received a disturbance call at 1 Cabrillo Mole. The caller stated a male adult was yelling at staff and flipping them off at the Catalina Express terminal. The deputies contacted the disturbing party who was upset because he had to pay a $5 service fee for changing his boat ticket. He was counseled regarding his behavior and cooperated with deputies.

November 7

• Deputies were requested to the 100 block of Whittley Avenue regarding a possible trespasser. The caller stated he saw a male adult near his residence and wanted to make sure he was not up to nefarious actions. The deputies checked the area and determined no crime had been committed.

November 8

• Deputies received a disturbance call at the intersection of Sumner Avenue and Beacon Street.

The caller stated a male adult was carrying a bow and a quiver of arrows.

The deputies contacted the man and asked him not to walk through the city with his hunting equipment. The man was cooperative and the deputies determined no crime had been committed.

• Deputies responded to a loitering call on the 700 block of Crescent Avenue.

When they arrived, the informant pointed in the direction of the suspect sitting on the steps of the parking lot above the playground. Deputies recognized the individual as being previously served with a Letter of Agency (Trespass Arrest Authorization).

The letter prohibits the individual from entering or loitering any of Catalina Island Company’s properties.

When the suspect saw the deputies, he quickly got up and left the location and entered a business.

The deputies went inside the business and advised the suspect of his actions and Christian Gonzalez, 31, of Avalon, was taken into custody on suspicion of loitering. He was transported and booked at Avalon Sheriff’s Station.

November 9

• Deputies responded to a disturbance call on the 300 block of Sumner Avenue. The caller stated several people at the location were making noise.

The deputies contacted several adults at the location and asked them to keep the noise down. They were cooperative and agreed to be quiet.

November 10

• Deputies received a fight in progress call on the 300 block of Descanso Avenue.

The caller stated two male adults were fighting and arguing could be heard in the background.

The deputies arrived and contacted two male adults who admitted to arguing only. They were counseled regarding their actions and agreed to stop yelling at each other.

• Deputies responded to Kite Hill regarding a disturbance call. The caller stated tourists who were trying to enjoy a nature hike were being yelled at and chased away by a local resident.

The deputies contacted the disturbing party and warned him regarding his behavior.

There was no evidence of any crime at the location and the disturbing party agreed to cooperate.

Safety bulletin

Captain Badali, Sergeant Kline and Detective Martin recently spoke to sixth- through eighth-grade students at Avalon School. The topics covered were Bicycle Safety, Helmet Laws, and Vehicle Code Laws. Each student was provided a handout covering all of the vehicle code laws as they pertained to bicycles, electric bicycles, skateboards and hoover boards.

They were also provided with a letter from Captain Badali asking for their cooperation and abidance to the laws.

Avalon Sheriff’s Station has been actively warning children regarding these laws in an attempt keep them safe and to avoid a tragic traffic collision.

We will now begin issuing citations and warnings to violators of these laws.

The cost of a moving violation can cost in excess of $387 and a trip Over Town.

Please help keep our children

Sheriff’s Log: Nov. 4 to Nov. 10, 2021