Sheriff’s Log: Jan. 26 to Feb. 1, 2023

Avalon Sheriff's Station.

Editor’s note: The following is the Avalon’s Sheriff’s Stations significant incidents report for the period of Jan. 26 to Feb. 1, 2023.

All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Many people who are arrested do not get prosecuted in the first place and many who are prosecuted do not get convicted.

January 26

• Deputies responded to the 100 block of Sumner Avenue regarding a trespassing call.

The informant advised deputies a man and woman had been trespassing and sleeping in the basement of the location. The deputies identified the couple and served them with a letter of agency.

They advised the couple they would be arrested if they came onto the property.

• Deputies observed 3 vehicles parked on Tremont Street blocking the fire lane. They issued each vehicle a citation.

January 27

• An Avalon resident came to the Sheriff’s Station with a bone she had discovered. The woman’s friend told her it was possibly a human bone.

The bone was examined by a veterinarian who confirmed it was a bison bone and not human remains.

January 28

• Deputies responded to Dump Road regarding a homeless camper.

The deputies contacted the man and advised him where he could legally camp and pay for his stay on the island. The man gathered his belongings and left on his bike.

• Deputies on patrol observed a man riding a scooter on Crescent Avenue.

They issued the man a citation and told him to keep his scooter on the streets.

January 30

• Deputies responded to the 200 block of East Whittley Avenue regarding a trespassing call.

The caller stated a man and woman had entered a city owned dwelling and were sleeping inside.

The deputies contacted a man and a woman and recognized them as repeat offenders. They issued them another Letter of Agency and advised them they would be arrested if the entered the property again.

• Deputies responded to Empire Landing regarding a disturbance involving a boyfriend and girlfriend. They contacted the woman, conducted an interview and drove her into town. The case is under investigation by Detective Meyers.

January 31

• Deputies conducted numerous patrols of Crescent Avenue due to the cruise ship being in town.

They warned and advised numerous tourists it was not ok to smoke weed on the island. The tourists were confrontational at first but once California Law was explained along with the possible violations, their demeanor improved.

February 1

• The sergeant was contacted on Crescent Avenue regarding a possible Burglary at a local restaurant. The informant stated a man and woman had entered the location late at night while the restaurant was closed. The couple entered via the rear door and began their romantic evening. They helped themselves to a bottle of wine and enjoyed it while sitting at an ocean front table. They sipped on their wine for approximately one hour and decided to take their rendezvous to another location. Prior to leaving they went to the bar and grabbed 2 bottles of wine for the road. The restaurant captured the incident on video surveillance and they provided it to the Detective Meyers, Deputy Montoya and Sergeant Kline. Armed with pictures of the suspects they were able to locate them within 30 minutes. The couple was extremely remorseful for their actions and knew they were wrong. The suspect and victim settled the tab and all parties involved were happy with the outcome. The wine thief apologized for his behavior and knew what he did was unacceptable.