Sheriff’s Log: Aug. 12 to Aug. 18

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Editor’s note: The fol­low­­­ing is the Avalon Sheriff’s Sta­tion significant incidents report for the week of August 12 to August 18, 2021. All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Many people who are arrested do not get prosecuted in the first place and many who are prosecuted do not get convicted.

August 12

• Deputies responded to a call at Catalina Island Medical Center regarding a female injured during a fight. An investigation revealed the victim was assaulted by her daughter in law who struck her on the forehead with a partially frozen water bottle. The fight began with an argument over having Salisbury steak for dinner. Alyssa Rust, 24, of North Las Vegas, was arrested and booked at Avalon Sheriff’s Station on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.

• Deputies responded to “Machine Gun Park” regarding a male adult sleeping in a hammock. The deputies contacted the male who told them he was taking a short nap. The man packed up his hammock and headed off to go hiking.

August 13

• Deputies received a call for service at the “Pet Cemetery.” The caller stated someone had tapped into the fresh water supply. SCE responded and disconnected the illegal water supply. Deputies were unable to locate any suspects.

August 14

• Deputies on boat patrol at Isthmus Pier observed a child under 13 years of age not wearing a personal flotation device while underway on a vessel. They conducted an enforcement stop and cited the minor’s father for the violation.

• Deputies received a juvenile disturbance call at Tremont Avenue and Sumner Avenue. The caller stated several juveniles were riding a mattress down the street on their skateboards. The deputies checked the surrounding area and were unable to locate the mattress riding juvies.

August 15

• While on patrol, deputies observed a male and female stagger out of the Chi Chi Club, pick up chairs and began to toss them across Crescent Avenue.

Both suspects appeared to have signs of intoxication, were swaying and had a difficult time standing up. After speaking to the suspects, they had no place to stay, displayed signs of being under the influence of alcohol, and were unable to walk down the sidewalk without stumbling. Juan Camacho, 24, of Alhambra, and Xiomara Recinos, 22, of Alhambra, were arrested on suspicion of public intoxication and were booked at Avalon Sheriff’s Station.

• A victim reported his bike stolen from the 100 block of Banning Drive. An incident report has been taken and deputies are on the lookout for the stolen bike.

• Deputies responded to a Petty Theft just occurred call at the Laundry on Pebbly Beach Road. The victim stated suspect(s) unknown stole a large bag of clothing and 2 life jackets. Deputies checked the area, located the property behind the washing machine and returned it to the owner.

• Deputies received a disturbance call on Sumner Avenue. The caller stated a male adult was drunk and dropped his wallet and credit cards onto the street. Deputies contacted the male adult and confirmed he was drunk. The deputies located the drunk man’s wife who said she would care for him.

August 16

• Deputies responded to the 200 block of Sumner Avenue regarding a possible stolen golf cart. An investigation determined the golf cart was taken accidentally and the driver thought it was his cart. It was determined no crime had been committed and the cart was returned to the legal owner.

August 17

• Deputies responded to a loud music call at a hotel on the 100 block of Whittley Avenue. The informant said the disturbing party was playing loud music and refused to open the door for the hotel manager. Deputies contacted the disturbing party who was cooperative and agreed to lower the music.

• Deputies responded to a trespassing call on the 100 block of Clarissa Avenue. The caller stated a female 35 years old entered the property and was yelling at the informant. The caller stated this was an ongoing problem with the disturbing party. Deputies contacted a male adult at the location who told them the female was his guest and was not trespassing.

• An employee at Catalina Island Medical Center called the sheriff’s station stating a male adult was inside the ER banging on windows and refusing to leave. Deputies immediately responded and discovered the disturbing party left the location at the request of medical staff and there was no crime committed.

August 18

• Deputies responded to Beacon Street and Sumner Avenue regarding a disturbance involving juveniles. The caller stated juveniles were in the area shooting each other with a pellet gun. Deputies contacted the juveniles and warned them about the dangers of pellet and BB guns. The deputies took the pellet gun to the station, contacted the juvenile’s father and arranged for him to pick up the pellet gun.

Sheriff’s Log: Aug. 12 to Aug. 18