Scuba Diving: Sea Anenone

The Metridium farcimen pictured is a type of Sea Anenone that lives within the Eastern Pacific Ocean from Alaska all the way down to San Diego.

They thrive in cooler Sea temperatures and are fascinating to encounter.

They are capable of establishing large colonies by way of cloning from one single Metridium.

Their diet primarily consists of small Invertebrates as well as Zooplankton which puts them into the carnivore class.

Lets take a look at our Marine Forecast for the Island now shall we!

Today through Sunday winds variable 10 knots or less, Becoming W 10 knots in the afternoon. Wind waves 2 ft or less. W swell 2 ft at 13 seconds. Expect plenty of sunshine throughout the weekend with a temperature high of 73 Degrees.

Always evaluate current conditions when planning to recreate in and around the WATER. Remember, If In Doubt Don’t Go Out.