Scuba Diving: Becoming A NAUI Diver

Victor Hernandez-Assistant NAUI Instructor (Right) Wade McDonald-Student (Left) NOCROP-(Professional Diving Program) Sonora High School, La Habra, California, 2008. Photo courtesy of Wade McDonald

Becoming A NAUI Diver

When I think back during my time as a dive student at NOCROP (North Orange County Regional Occupational Program) a sense of accomplishment comes into play. When I was just FOTB (Fresh On The Boat) I imagined all the new and exciting things I would embark on. And sure enough there was plenty of excitement along with our rigorous training that would last for an entire year.

Our lead instructor at the time was a gentleman by the name of Scott Raish, a long respected member of NAUI (National Association Of Underwater Instructors). If you have ever studied under the various NAUI publication’s that have been in circulation through the years you probably have come across the name Scott Raish; for he is a contributing photographer for all of their text books. Looking back when I was a student I was always training and learning during my time in the dive program. I was quick to catch on to the simple rule that safety is at the top of the pyramid and must be constantly emphasized at all times. Scott was a highly qualified educator who not only shared the world of SCUBA Diving with others but he also had a good sense of humor as well.

I remember he once joked around in regards to our class curriculum that he personally customized. He once told us that by the time we were finished, we would know how to do just about anything, just shy of searching for space shuttle debris.

By the time I finally passed my finals I realized he really wasn’t kidding after all.

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Scuba Diving: Becoming A NAUI Diver