Offield Family Foundation awards grant to Chimes Tower Foundation

Courtesy photo The Catalina Chimes Tower will be 100 years old in 2024.

The Offield Family Foundation recently gave the Catalina Chimes Tower Foundation a grant of $100,000 in support of the continued restoration of the Chimes Tower. “We are so grateful to Calen Offield and the Offield Family Foundation for supporting conservation and restoration efforts throughout the world,” said Alison Wrigley Rusack, Catalina Chimes Tower Foundation Chair. “This generous grant close to home will allow us to begin the renovation of our precious instrument, the chimes themselves.”

Recent improvements at the Chimes Tower include full repair and restoration of the decorative walls by Matt Sullivan and his team from MKS Specialty Finishes. “We were just over there for Easter break, when all of our kids were out of school,” said Calen Offield.

“We stopped by the Chimes Tower and saw how good it’s looking and were all excited to see the progress being made. I really want to see it up and running for another 100 years! It’s one of my favorite landmarks in Avalon. I think it’s important for our family to chip in and keep the progress moving forward.”

This beloved icon, in the town of Avalon on Santa Catalina Island, has brought joy to generations of Avalon residents and visitors since it first rang out across the hills in 1925. The Catalina Chimes Tower Foundation ’s mission is to restore and maintain the Chimes Tower and its chimes for the community and future generations to enjoy.

Offield Family Foundation awards grant to Chimes Tower Foundation