Mr. Tony is Immortalized with brick

Courtesy photo Pictured above left, are David Hart, Tony Zieller, and Zieller’s family.

For the Islander

On Saturday April 23, during Earth Day weekend, the City of Avalon honored one of their most iconic people, Tony Zieller aka Mr. Tony. Mr. Tony is a citizen who loves his Island its people and actively helps to make Catalina Island Beautiful.

One day in 1988 Mr. Tony decided to volunteer to clean the day care center; Catalina Kids Ventures. He kept showing up day after day to make sure the kiddos had a clean place to come to. Then he got his own broom and dustpan and started sweeping his own street to the delight of his neighbors.

It grew into other street, the parks, the school and even when he is just strolling about. Mr. Tony has been so diligent in his work getting up early in the morning before the sun gets to hot and the town gets too busy, to make sure Avalonians have a clean City so residents can enjoy the view they are lucky to have here.

For his years of service, the Community Service Department has made him an honorary Employee, one of the best around. They upgraded his broom and pan to bronze with gold handles, a pin from the City and a commemorative brick in Avalon Kids Park. Next time you see him out and about, thank him by giving a big YooHoo! And you’ll get the warmest welcome call back.