More trash bins for Catalina residents

State mandate means more trash bins

Recycle Bin in Park

State laws are compelling California residents and businesses to sort out their organic waste—basically, food and yard waste. Communities that don’t comply could face fines ($10,000 a day). The city staff is seeking a waiver, according to remarks by then-Assistant City Manager Michael Parmer on Jan. 4. 

He said every city was going to three bins: trash, recycle, and organic. 

The council is expected to look at an amendment to its 

In a related matter, the Avalon City Council is expected to look at an amendment to the city’s contract with CC&R Inc. The council first discussed the amendment on Jan. 4, but ultimately directed staff to bring back the amendment with certain details spelled out more precisely. The council increased the fees last June. However, council members Michael Ponce and Cinde Cassidy were unhappy with what they saw as increased costs for decreased services.

Among the changes, according to Parmer, trash will be picked up once a week (rather than twice) at single and multi-family residences, and waste recovery education and outreach. The city and CC&R will be working together on enforcing the rules. 

“Residential kitchen pails for organics will be provided by CR&R, Inc. at no additional cost. The anticipated cost increases were factored in with the Solid Waste service fees for five years ending June 30, 2026 and adopted by City Council at its regular meeting on June 1, 2021,” according to the staff report.

More trash bins for Catalina residents