Luau Larry’s rally spoils Bravo’s unbeaten streak

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Engel Slam gives Bravo’s late lead, but Larry’s rallies for tie

It was an exciting night of softball at Joe Machado Ball Park this week. Bravo’s Landscaping and Luau Larry’s were the first contest of the night, and it did not disappoint. Bravo’s Landscaping was up to bat first, and after two base hits, Marcus Watts hit a three RBI home run. Luau Larry’s answered back with three runs on three base hits, a walk, and a double from Joe Talsky. Defense ruled the next two innings. Ryan Hinkley hit a double in the third for Luau Larry’s. Luau Larry’s turned a double play with the next batter to end the inning. In the fourth inning, Stephen Marcy hit a double for Bravo’s Landscaping and later scored. Luau Larry’s took the lead in the bottom of the inning.

They took advantage of three errors and four base hits to score five. Bravo’s Landscaping scored a run in the fifth off three base hits. Luau Larry’s had two cross the plate in the bottom of the inning off four base hits.

Down by five, Bravo’s Landscaping entered the sixth and final inning. With two runs home, and bases loaded, Tyler Engel hit a grand slam to score four and take the lead. Luau Larry’s got their final at bat. Ben Guzman hit an RBI double to tie the game but was left stranded at second as the game ended with the score tied at 11-11.

For Bravo’s Landscaping Stephen Marcy, Marcus Watts, Tyler Engel, Alex Romero and Stephanie Martinez all collected two hits. Joe Hernandez, Robert Reyes, Santiago Martinez, Felipe Casillas, Margery Williams and Aimee Casillas all had one hit.

For Luau Larry’s, Ryan Hinkley, Francisco Bravo and Amanda Younger were all three for three. Ben Guzman had two hits. Weston Leonhardi, Joe Talsky, Jorge Leon and Alexandria Tran contributed one hit.

The second game of the night between Coyote Joe’s and Straight Up Builders came down to the final inning. Coyote Joe’s opened the game with a double from Chuy Sillas who scored on the sacrifice fly. Hugh Bevins collected an RBI from his triple but was left at third.

Straight Up Builders opened with a walk turned into a run, off the RBI double from Justin Hernandez. A base hit and a triple from Selina Morones scored two more. Coyote Joe’s tied it up with a run, off three base hits in the top of the second.

In the bottom of the third Straight Up Builders took the lead when two base hits, a double from Justin Hernandez and a triple from Alex Herrera scored three. The lead went back to Coyote Joe’s in the fourth when four runs scored from the Grand Slam by Daniel Paradisi.

Straight Up Builders regained the lead with the two-run home run from J.D. Laflin. The lead changed again when Coyote Joe’s scored two runs off two base hits, a walk and an error. Coyote Joe’s added to their lead in the sixth when Nick Morones started it off with a solo home run. Three more runs crossed the plate off two base hits and four walks.

With time expired, Straight Up Builders got their last at bat. Three base hits and a walk followed by a double from Briana Morones had four runs home. With a runner on, Brandon Franco hit a walk-off home run for the win. Final score Coyote Joe’s 13, Straight Up Builders 14.

For Coyote Joe’s, Chuy Sillas had four hits. Nick Morones, Ron Bevins, Elias Romero, Marisa Morones and Fabiola Sillas had two hits. Daniel Paradisi and Hugh Bevins had one hit.

For Straight Up Builders, Brandon Franco and Paul Daniel Romo had three hits. J.D. Laflin, Justin Hernandez, Alex Herrera and Briana Morones had two hits. Selina Morones and Diana Rios had one hit.

Final League game was played Thursday, March 23 (past Islander press time). Tournament starts next week.

Thursday, March 30

6: p.m. 1st vs. 4th Place

7:45 p.m. 3rd vs. 2nd Place


Bravo’s Landscaping 6-0-1

Straight Up Builders 4-3

Coyote Joe’s 2-6

Luau Larry’s 1-6-1